About Us

SEPL ( Simmons Electronic Products Ltd. ) established in 1 Dec 1997. Ricoh semiconductor is our first product line. With the great effort of our professional sales team, our sales recorded achieved 100% growth in 1998 comparing to Ricoh former distributor figure in 1997.

SEPL continue looking for good and comprehensive product lines in order to offer better support to our customers. Now in 2011, we are carrying several world renowned products line including Ricoh semiconductor, Panasonic semiconductor, Nexell semiconductor, Abov semiconductor, Epcos, MPL pressure switch. SEPL only carry comprehensive lines with excellent quality products. In vendors side we avoid internal competition and in customers side we provide excellent quality products to make sure their end products has highest quality and avoid RMA.

As a professional components distributor, we provide technical support, trouble shooting, goods buffering, reference solutions, design consultation etc. to our customers in order to shorten their products development time and smooth production.

We will strengthen our sales force, product lines and technical support to provide better and better service to our customers as time goes on.




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